A new way to score film

Moodelizer is the new way to add music to film easily and professionally. Take the pain away from time-consuming edits and track syncing today.

Introducing Dynamic Playback™

Moodelizer’s new music technology lets you customize music to match the mood of your film. It’s simple to use and gives you unprecedented control of your film’s soundtrack. You can alter the intensity by dragging up, or add variation by dragging right – there are literally thousands of possibilities.

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Made with Moodelizer

See what people create when they’re in control of the music.

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Commercial for Pilot Pen

”Moodelizer is a great tool that makes it easy for editors to create our own music. It has saved me a huge amount of time in the editing process.”

Johannes Björklund
Film Editor

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Case Film “Letter to my dear”

”We found a new dimension in the music from Moodelizer, which helped the case film not just portray the artwork, but stand on its own.”

Lennart Grebelius

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Commercial for Red Cross Norway

”Music doesn’t always have to be loud. Sometimes a single tone can make a big difference. With Moodelizer that’s easy to do, because you’re in control.”

Tormod Rignes
Sound Designer

Home play 24cb538be4a972f0e9784201d347584360e946fce16e1bd6c5b71991c96358f0

Short Film “Deadly Class Fan Film”

”Moodelizer’s music really made the video. It’s the first piece of music in the film, and it’s the music for the key moment near the end.”

Jim Skinner
Independent Filmmaker

Powerful editing without the pain

Moodelizer strips away the complexities of adding music to film. Complicated cut and paste workflows and tricky edits are a thing of the past thanks to Moodelizer’s unique features.

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Dynamic Playback™

Control the music and customize it to match the mood of your film.

Home icon clipmatch 1f2138e9d0e2c3f2804d3da031de0ebedde0f9e62390f3b8455c30eb5b2cb6f0


Precision-match the beat of the music to your film's frames.

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Realtime recording

Keep on top of the action by recording changes to your score while watching the film.

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Ensure each scene ends on a high-note without messy, time-consuming editing.